Correction and Addendum

The author of the first post included some characterizations of herself that are categorically false.

Case in point: “One of the ladies is a master of yarn. Another cooks up storms every night. And as for the last, she’s the Jill-of-all-trades (who masters NOTHING).”

This statement is not true. In fact, the “Jill-of-all-trades” who incidentally was the author of the first post is actually a Master of ENGLISH and has been approved to soon become a doctor of philosophy. She also is the master of information. She knows every person who was ever in a movie and who they are currently married to, etc. She also knows crafts and craft resources and BOOKS. You should see her bookshelves.

I just think it is important that, if we are going to have a blog, that it be a blog based on facts. 🙂 All the other information was definitely accurate, especially the part about Atticus Finch being perfect. He is.




2 responses to “Correction and Addendum

  1. oh pshaw, catherine 😉

  2. Bean, did you make that green sweater in the first post?? Amazing!! Young Finch is so handsome. Also that dessert looks delicious.

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