Spring Break Activities


This is the resident knitter, reporting on the events of the past week. I am currently avoiding a lame paper that I should be writing… I’m so close to the grad-school finish line I can smell it and with that scent comes SPRING/GRADUATION fever that is really compromising my ability to stay. on. task. Woe is me.

So last week was spring break for the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. I tutor and intern in the school system which meant it was also spring break for ME. Praise Jesus. However, I did not have spring break from my own school-work but my days were, for the most part, free to work at my leisure and in the location of my choice: a true luxury. So while I spent a lot of time doing school work and writing expletive cover letters, I also spent time doing THIS…img_07041

So this is an adorable little sweater that is from a pattern from Lion Brand that I was very excited about.  i found it in the most recent catalog (the catalog itself was so adorable because it had all these precious knit and crochet ANIMALS on the front.  I want to make them all!).

A really great thing I recently discovered about Lion Brand is that you can order kits for projects that for some reason often end up being cheaper than the sum of their parts.  So I was able to buy the kit for this sweater (the yarn needed to complete it and the pattern) for cheaper than if I had bought them all separately.  Go figure.

Another great thing about Lion Brand is that they are engaged in a movement to move away from synthetic fibers and offer more organic and natural yarns that are still easy on the budget.  I applaud them!  Although I do not applaud our local Michael’s that still only carries the lame synthetic yarns that are no fun to knit with OR wear.

Since people in my life are procreating as well, so after perusing the catalog, I picked two kits that used these fancy new yarns (from the LB collection, if you are interested) to order to knit for two of my friends who incidentally BOTH had their baby boys last week.  (The product for this pattern is going to our friends Jessie and Bill and their new baby boy Moses, affectionately known as Mose).  The kits came quickly and as soon as spring break reared it’s gorgeous head, I cast on!

Here is the beautiful yarn I started with.  It is superwash merino… 100% merino wool (softtttt) and WASHABLE: a new mother’s dream! (I hope).

Pretty yarn…


And here is what it will look like when I’m finished…


Except it will be infant-sized and belong to a cuter baby.  Oops.  Don’t tell Lion Brand but this baby kind-of looks like a robot.

A really neat thing about this pattern is that it is knit in one fell swoop (for the most part) which eliminates the annoyance of sewing seams, etc.  It’s fun going so far.

One final note about buying kits from Lion Brand: the only down-side is that they come in the colors of the project advertisement. For this project that was fine, but that might not always be the case.

one more photo of my progress so far…img_0703

I’ll keep you updated, but I better get back to work so Mose hasn’t outgrown the thing by the time I get it to him!  That’s what March Madness is for: lots of knitting time.  🙂

Now I’m off to listen to Jocelyn make things that are sure to be the subject of an impending blog post.



3 responses to “Spring Break Activities

  1. Hooray for blogging from the knitter!

  2. Ha ha poor android baby. J

  3. The cupcakes were purdy cute. Props to you Jocelyn!

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