fine. FINE. a delicious summer dinner, blogged.

A few weeks ago (okay maybe more like a month), we fixed a dinner from the book What’s to Have for Dinner from Martha Stewart’s people: img_16391

Roommates have been using negative reinforcement techniques to try to get me to blog. I GUESS IT HAS WORKED. GEEZ GUYS.

The pictures in this book were slobberingly pretty, and we were in  a summer mood, so we picked a summer menu of salmon sandwiches, slaw, salad, and OMG BERRY COMPOTE OF THE ARCHANGELS. The recipes in this lovely book are arranged by season and then by complete meal (genius).

First course was a summer slaw of carrots, fennel, and green beans in a ginger/ lemon/ poppyseed sauce. Sounds fussy. It was. We slawed up some carrots w/ my julienne peeler (I mistook it for a regular peeler at the TJMaxx). img_16291

Just scrape its little teeth over the carrot and you have magical strings.

Next we painstakingly cut up green beans. I bitched and moaned about it the entire time, while gory visions of sliced fingers and aborted guitar careers danced in my head. Jocelyn, as usual, was very graceful. She has skills in child management.


There are some ugly bean slices for you. We discovered this week that there is A GADGET that will do this for you.

21jekqkzdgl_sl500_aa280_It is called a Frencher or a Slicer or something.  This is still hanging on the gadget wall at The Curious Gourmet where I left it in a fit of self control. We stopped in this weekend when we were strolling down Main Street in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, home to every unnecessary thing that I could ever want to buy. This cook shop is the worst because it is full of things that I neeeeEEEeeeeed (like tiny bags for your soup herbs),  it has a cupcakery attached to it, and it is staffed by attractive young men with pretty blue eyes. Jocelyn got bamboozled by a little pot made just for asparagus and left $30 poorer. But 300000x happier.

Slaw. Chop up some fennel (also awkward), add some sour cream/ poppy seed/ lemon juice/ ginger dressing and, voila, you have a pretty good slaw.


Dressing there.

Then we grilled up some salmon in a soy glaze (soy sauce + powdered mustard), which we later slapped on toasted bread w/ some wilted arugula. YOM.


Made a quick salad w/ goat cheese, little ‘maters, cucumbers, oil and vinegar, and wedges of lettuce:


Cutting things into wedges makes me feel sophisticated. Kind of like cutting things on an angle. Although if I had to choose between this salad and a bucket of KFC…


Raspberries + Blueberries + Blackberries + Strawberries + Sugar

img_16221and thennnn……


GAH CHERRY BRANDY. Just a few tablespoons. Let it swim around together and then add torn mint.

This is one of those things that’s just so simple that it’s hard to believe how freakishly good it is. It is now on my list of impressive things to make for people worth impressing. THANK GOD CHERRY BRANDY COMES IN BIG BOTTLES.


There are some happy campers w/ a tasty, welcome-to-summer meal.





6 responses to “fine. FINE. a delicious summer dinner, blogged.

  1. Salmon looks awesome! And so does the compote. But sadly I do not having anything in my kitchen called a Frencher. Sounds very Sex and City-ish.

  2. Jenny, I have my beautiful copy of ‘So Not Happening’ sitting right here on my bedstand… and it needs an autograph! When are you coming back to visit us? I promise I’ll buy you a frencher.
    <3, Joce

  3. I want to come to your house for dinner! And I wouldn’t have bought that bean cutter either. One bean at a time! Holy cow, that would take all night to cut up!

  4. The asparagus pot was a good choice. Asparagus is divine. It remains my “what would you eat for the rest of your life” choice.
    Dinner Rule #235:
    When you’re drinking wine at home and not paying by the bottle, it is required that you fill your wine glass to the rim.
    This half full crap has to stop, girls 😉
    Your ever sarcastic frund,
    PS- please continue with the blogs. They make me happy 🙂

  5. Thank you, Jennifer, for putting Curious Gourmet in my mind. I will be visiting said establishment upon my next visit to the Music City.

  6. I love your blog, girls! Keep it up!

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