Needle craft update

The diploma is in my hand. A job has been secured. Now I can return to important things: needle crafts! Namely knitting and crocheting.

So I finished the sweater I had been knitting! Here it is:


Ok, so not quite finished here. 🙂 What’s really great about this pattern is that you knit the whole thing in one piece like this. Oftentimes knitting patterns make you knit a front, then a back, then two sleeves and then you have to sew it all together which isn’t the end of the world but this is far more efficient! So you knit up this piece and then with a couple of folds and some seams sewed, you have…



Then add a couple of buttons that you have lying around…


And you’re done! This project was a fun one. I love that the yarn was all natural fibers, that I could order it in a kit and that it was simple both to knit and construct but doesn’t end up looking overly simplistic (I like the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes!).

As I was putting the finishing touches on this garment I realized… the baby was born in March… this pattern is good for ages 0-6 months (so between March and September)… the baby will be in Memphis for those 6 months… and it is made of… wool.


So maybe the baby living in Memphis will not have many occasions to wear his blue and green wool sweater between now and when he grows out of it. So I’m really hoping it’s the thought that counts this time. Lesson learned: do the weather math before you choose fibers for your next project for humans that grow quickly.

And now on to my next needle adventure…


Because roommate Jocelyn’s cross-stitched stocking was so beautiful and looked fun and easy to do, I decided to try my hand at yet another needle craft, this time using just one, much smaller, much pokier needle. So one day a couple of months ago Jocelyn and I headed out to Michael’s and found, much to our dismay, a dismal selection of cross-stitching goodies.

First we looked for patterns. Most of the patterns are old-fashioned, tacky things that are heavy on the unicorns, gag-inducing adages, ugly flowers and down-on-the-farm scenes. FINALLY, we found two books with cute patterns that are a little more current, not overly ornamented and use a color palette that extends beyond pastels:IMG_0906

Yay! These two books are filled with cute patterns that use bold colors. So I wanted to start with something simple, a bib maybe. So… we head over to find the materials and, once we finally found where they keep it at the Nashville Michael’s (which is not in the aisle that claims to house it)… there are no bibs. Zip. Zilch. There are some towels and then just plain old fabric that you stitch on to make pieces that you may eventually sew to other fabrics (like Jocelyn’s stocking) or put in a frame or something. So I decided that I would, rather than starting small, dive right in to the biggest pattern in the book:


It’s so big, it takes up three pages! Eep. So I’m off to a good start, especially thanks to lots of down time at the beach. It’s been a learning process, though, and the animals that I made first don’t look as good as the later-made animals… Here’s a progress report:


Voila! I won’t show you the back. It’s appalling, especially the parts I stitched before I learned that you shouldn’t tie any knots while cross-stitching… so the elephants and the sheep are a knotted mess on the back while the two lions look much better from behind. But you can’t tell from the front either way, so that’s good.

So today I went to Borders to look for cross-stitching books and found one!

It has lots of cute designs and ideas in it and I can’t wait to try my hands at some of them once I finish my two-by-two animals… in 30 years…

Back to the stitching!


5 responses to “Needle craft update

  1. What delightful animals! Perhaps there will be a cold snap in Memphis this summer. Or the child will go on vacation in Switzerland or Colorado! Maybe he’s cold natured…

  2. how precious- such talent!

  3. Lindsay Peterson

    Could you tell me where to find the pattern for that precious sweater? My baby will be born next month and, living in the mountains of Asheville, NC, I expect it to get quite chilly for her. I would love to make her a sweater like this!

  4. Oh, that is fine. I actually went on Lion Brand and found it. 🙂 Out did I make it? lol, sadly no. I hope the little recipient enjoyed the beautiful sweater!

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