A Prayer for Our Beloved City

Most of you who have watched the news over the last few days may have heard that Nashville, our beloved music city, is flooded. The photos are horrendous. The stories are heroic, incredible, and devastating. And many people in Nashville are still figuring out what to do next.

The 2137, praise be, is fine. Our dear Hillsboro Village seems fine, for the most part. Atticus and MowMow are fine. Catherine and Trone arrived back in N-town today safely, and so far most of my friends and family are accounted for and incredibly lucky. But it still breaks my heart that I haven’t been there through it all, to see the damage inflicted on Nashville, the heart of my heart.

Over the next few days, weeks, and probably months, Nashville will need lots of love and care. If you’re inclined to lend a hand, please take a minute to register yourself as a volunteer through Hands On Nashville. Or, if you would like to give of your means to support one heckuva worthy cause, consider donating to The American Red Cross or the Community Foundation. I’ll be heading down there to see everything for myself in just a few days, and I may check in if there are any volunteer opportunities to report.

I have NO DOUBT that Nashville will rise to this occasion and take care of its people, and I know they will rise even higher than the waters plaguing their streets and homes. Even if every national news crew forgets this graceful southern city, the resourceful, kind, generous, and always creative people of Nashville will prove to themselves (and the world!) that they are one of a kind.

In grand Nashville style, someone made a beautiful video documenting this not-so-beautiful event. Pray for the cause, give to your neighbors, and Vive le Nashville! 

Shalom, ya’ll —



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