Barn Raising: Skein #2!

Here’s an update on the Barn Raising Quilt’s progress.

I finished square numero one.  Here it is in all its loveliness.

Here’s a close-up of some of the pretty colors and their swirliness.

and what’s that lurking in the background, you say?

BRQ Skein #2!

Today a skein of yarn I ordered from a Ravelry user arrived!  (It probably arrived yesterday but we didn’t check the mailbox until today, oops).

It’s a little brighter than I imagined but I’m excited to see how it knits up. AND part of the point of the Barn Raising Quilt is to be ok with the serendipitous nature of things.  There’s no way to control how these variegated yarns will knit up so you just have to be ok with how it all turns out and how they fit together.

I wanted to give you a visual of what the skeins look like when they come.

I had to turn this one into a ball on my own since I don’t have the luxury of having the Haus of Yarn lovelies wind it into a little cake.

I cast on a square with this today.  My plan was to knit up all the squares from skein #1 but I’m too excited to see how this one knits up.

I’ll keep you updated!


One response to “Barn Raising: Skein #2!

  1. Orange? Go vols!

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