God Save the Alexander McQueen!

Dear Friends—

Some of you have asked what this blog is “about,” and I admit—I’m not always quite sure. It started out as a blog about our domestic forays, but I think we’ve deviated from that “theme” to the point where this really just seems to be a sounding board for the various interests we have indulged in beyond our work-a-day lives. For Jen, it has mostly been cooking; for Catherine, it has been wedding planning, knitting, and other crafty endeavors; and for me, it has been a mishmash of cooking, eating food, fixing things, and feeling sorry for myself. We’ve enjoyed ourselves, and we hope you have too.

That said, I think I’m going to embark on some different types of blogs. Namely, I want to do a better job of recording information about places I’ve been and plan to go, as well as the things I find inspiring from day-to-day. Once again, I’m sure this is a self-indulgent move, but I frankly need a few minutes a week to pretend that I’m not 10,000 pages behind on my schoolwork. Blergh!

So here’s what inspired me today: a bit of tabloid news that got me all excited about the extremely important (yet not so important in the scheme of things) event planned for the not-so-far future – – – that of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials!

You’re probably thinking I’m a total pedestrian for getting so exited over such things, but I’ll have you know that a collapse between the high and the low versions of art is a sign and symptom of our postmodern age, thankyouverymuch. In short, I don’t feel bad for loving Lady Gaga, the Real Housewives of Anywhere, or the occasional Sookie Stackhouse novel. This is what my culture is made of, people! And I am a consumer in my consumer society.

So of COURSE I was TOTES PSYCHED to see that Sarah Burton, now-director of Alexander McQueen, just might be dressing the princess-to-be on her wedding day. Some of you who are Gaga experts will remember some of her more memorable outfits are McQueen creations:

McQueen’s legacy of genius lives on beyond his death, and I just can’t imagine what Burton and team-McQueen will give us on April 29th. I’m sure it will be stunning, and perhaps a bit edgier than the dress worn by Diana in 1981. As long as Kate’s dress is as gigantic as Diana’s, I won’t be disappointed.

So in homage to Kate Middleton (who is a style icon in her own lovely right), I made a Polyvore collage of what I’d wear on a summertime tea date with the future Princess Kate (were she to invite me, of course, and were I to possess a bottomless bank account).

We’ll eat scones and share gossip, and Kate may let me try on her wedding dress before it gets sent to the royal archives forever (I’m just as skinny as Kate in this fantasy, by the way). Kate will no doubt be kind enough to introduce me to the other royals (single royal males, preferably), and we’ll have a jolly good (though not too rowdy, and within the boundaries of British decorum) time. She is the princess of WALES, after all . . . and of course, I promise to report back on the type of hat she wears. 🙂

Love and cheers,


PS – What do you all think about Kate’s hat? Is she bringing it back, or is it whackety-whack?


7 responses to “God Save the Alexander McQueen!

  1. I love KATE! And you. Let’s have a party to watch her wedding. I think the hat is… interesting. Also, I love Topshop and still wear a pair of shoes I bought there in 2004 despite the fact that there soles are full of holes. Whoops.

    When is our trip across the pond? I wanna go today.


    (I’m just envious because I look heinous in hats.)

  3. If she has to wear a hat (and she does), then at least she’s making it interesting. I love it. I also love those pearls.

  4. I’m ashamed to admit that this is the first blog of yours that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so into anything Royal. I believe you have chosen the perfect outfit for tea. Kate like you can wear anything and it looks marvelous….

    • Suze–no worries! Thanks for reading our rambles! How’s your foot this week?

      Sarah — I also love it. Mom and I went to a shop today and I definitely tried on an enormous hat when no one was looking.

  5. One of the hopes I’ve placed on Kate is that she does indeed bring the hat back. To America. Where we’re hatless. Unless you’re Bieber.

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