You are long overdue for a Barn Raising Quilt update! Lucky for you, you’ve been entertained with tales of macaron making, bumbly, crumbly rhubarb eating/drinking and a discourse on the clothing choices of the Royals.

And now we will return to the lovely land of wool. Have I got some pictures for you.

This past weekend my dad, his wife and her adorable granddaughter came up for some pre-birthday celebrating and to watch the Vanderbilt Commodores choke play in their last game of the regular season. Here’s hoping they turn over a new leaf in their first game of the SEC Tournament, set to begin in about an hour and a half. GO DORES!

But I digress.

Lulu brought her fabulous photography skills with her and we headed over to the Haus of Yarn to ogle the Koigu and contemplate future purchases.

Here’s a peek at the beauty we beheld:

LOOK AT ALL THAT WOOLY BEAUTY!!!  Can you even handle it?!  I can’t.

Here are some close-ups of the blue/purple section.

and some other lovelies…

Sigh.  They’re all so beautiful.

So Lulu surprised me by giving me some birthday cashish to spend on a couple of these beauties.  I decided to get two because each time I spend $20, I get a little haus stamp on my Haus of Yarn card and I’m bound and determined to fill that puppy up and get some free yarn.

I decided that I’d let MadDog (the beautiful niece) pick the skeins that I’d purchase.  Once again, part of this project is relinquishing control, so I had to let go of my desperate desire to make all the colors go together perfectly.  I picked five skeins that I was drawn to and let her go from there.

Here are the fab five:

To my surprise, she chose the first and third skeins from the left.  Both of these are predominantly white with speckles of color splattered throughout.  The Haus of Yarn lady told me the official name for this technique, but my small brain has purged that knowledge.

Next we watched as our two skeins were spun into delicious little cakes.

Spin, spin, spin:

Cake, cake, cake:

(By the way, Dad was very patient throughout this process thanks to the iPad.  For some reason, Trone declined to accompany us…)

With our two yarn cakes in tow, we headed home for our fashion shoot.

Here are the squares from the original skein:

And from my online purchase:

(Note: the in-progress guy in the front is now complete).

Here are my two new buddies:

Proudly displayed by their chooser:

And here’s the whole happy family of squares and almost-squares:

I think they’re getting along quite nicely.

So there’s your update!  I’m off to turn those cakes into squares… and cheer for the Dores!

Who ya with?!



4 responses to “Progress!

  1. Can Mad Dog make a cameo in all of your blogs, plz?

    Great photos, Lulu! (and of course, lovely knitting, C)

  2. Adorbs!

  3. So pretty!!! I think it’s going to look great!

  4. So, I came to this blog through Jocelyn, but I keep coming back here to look at the pictures of the yarn shop. That picture of the blues and purples makes my heart pitter-patter. And what a great little helper. Can’t wait to see more!

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