Bad girl.

This came in the mail on Tuesday.

“What is inside?” you wonder. “That wrapping is too cute!”

What could it be?

Well, heavens to betsy. It’s an entire box of macarons!

Holy crow, these things are cute! Aside from the few that were a little bit crumbled, the box arrived mostly intact, with fifteen adorable little puffs in 8 different flavors. Some had mousseline filling, some had flavored cream, and the strawberry ones (seen here) had a pretty glitter coat on one side. Almost too pretty to eat, really.

But that didn’t stop me!


In case you’re wondering who my generous benefactor is—the person who decided once and for all that I needed to know firsthand the mystery that is “the French macaron”—I can tell you with only a little bit of shame that I ordered this entire box of treats for myself. That’s right—I am OWNING this one, folks. I figured that if I was planning on making these again sometime, I ought to know: A) how big they are supposed to be, and B) how they are supposed to taste. So I hopped onto Sucre’s website and placed an order. For fifteen macarons. Apparently they are beloved by Oprah, so I figured they might be good enough for me.

So since this was all done strictly in the name of research (*ahem*), here’s my verdict: Macarons are, indeed, precious. I found the pistachio, almond, and pecan flavors the most delicious. The shell portion is definitely solid, but flakes and collapses easily (so definitely NOT as crispy as a normal merengue). You can eat one in three ladylike nibbles, but they are easily small enough to shove into your mouth one at a time. But at nearly two bucks a pop, I wouldn’t advise such piggery. Did I mention that this was not an inexpensive science experiment?

Which leads me to the final conclusion: Macarons are not the dessert for me. I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that I could have eaten this entire box all by myself in about ten minutes (piggery, much?). I tried to space them out, enjoying two or three per day, but I generally went for the box of thin mints right afterward. Perhaps I’m not dainty enough for these pretty little air puffs, and not wealthy enough to take down a box at a time like Blair Waldorf. Or perhaps I just have an eating problem (most likely true).

Thanks for indulging with me, friends. If you have any other ideas regarding sweets and using me as a guinea pig, I’m all ears. 🙂

Love love,



6 responses to “Bad girl.

  1. drooly drooly!

  2. Well, Jocelyn. I’m going to have to try my hand at these now. You almost had me convinced with the LAST macaroon post, but now I’m going to have to try my hand. Especially if you can do this to them:
    I’ll remember this the next time a friend gets married.
    Maybe I’ll wait until before I get a visitor or some other type of occasion when I can share with a girlie girl. I can see Nate looking at those and wanting a more substantial dessert.

  3. This is great! They are so beautiful! But yes, that does seem expensive. Maybe one day I’ll try them. There has to be some shmancy place around here that sells them, right?

  4. Whoopie Pies. Like a giant cake macaron.

  5. MMMM they are EYE CANDY. But I always thought the sugar to air ratio would not be my preference. I did wonder if they tasted like mini pavlova but maybe not? COME HERE AND LET’S EAT A PAVLOVA FOR OLD TIME’S SAKE.

  6. Molly – Weddings—good idea! I think they’d be nice at showers and other girly-type events. But yes, if Nate is as tall as he looks in your pictures, he might be hurting for another course post-macaron. Especially if he’s been outside working that garden. 🙂

    Mandy – Totes. There have to be some in DC somewhere! And I bet you can buy 2 or 3 instead of 15 like I did. The feature seller on Etsy today also happens to be a macaron lady (though hers seem even more expensive than these were!).

    Sarah – BRILLIANT! That is on the list now. 🙂

    Catherine – Not like mini-pavlova. I would have liked them even more if they were, because you know how I feel about Jennifer’s pavlova.


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