Saturdays Are for Snuggling.

It’s a nippy, breezy morning here in Northwest Arkansas, and the only plans I have for the day are to read for comps, sip coffee, and watch my beloved Hogs on the boobtube at 2:30. Have I mentioned that right now we’re ranked #6 according to BCS? For the first time ever? Anyway . . . I expect the blanket with sleeves will figure into the plans somehow.

If you have a similarly lounge-y afternoon on the docket, here are a few ways to waste a little time on the interwebz.

Marcel the Shell is back for another round of cuteness.

Ya’ll have any big plans for the weekend? Whatever you’ve got ahead of you, I hope it’s a snuggly and snorgly one. Happy Caturday!

xoxo, Joce

PS – The winner of the London goodies giveway is lucky reader numero dos, Mandy P!

Occasionally Mandy P. has her own giveaways over on her fabulous website Fabric Paper Glue. Be sure to check it out, and congrats Mandy!


4 responses to “Saturdays Are for Snuggling.

  1. I had forgotten all about Marcel. Thanks 🙂

  2. Woot woot. Thanks! I almost forgot about this!

  3. On second thought, is this even fair since I was in London even more recently than you? Although I somehow managed to leave without getting myself any tea.

  4. Kate – There’s also a new Marcel book. I haven’t read it, but it looks cute!

    Mandy – It is TOTES fair!

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