Happy New Year, Friends!

I keep thinking it’s something like 2004, but apparently it’s 2012. This is THE YEAR that the Mayans gave up on time. Anyone taking bets on that one?

I love the start of the new year. It’s a great opportunity to look back at a fixed amount of time (365 days) and consider whether or not they’ve been what you hoped them to be, as well as to reflect on what you hope your next 365 days will hold. For the last few years I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve nights/mornings in Nashville, attending parties in the city and taking advantage of rare time with some of my favorite people. This year we went to a ’90s-band party downtown, and my friend Mandy even made an awesome pinata for us to burst at the pregame. Betsy took a dowel rod to it and really got things going.

Mandy filled the pinata with all sorts of favors, including these 2012 glasses  (photo stolen from Betsy). It’s a true fact that the glasses were SO beautiful that members of the band kept stealing them from us.

While I normally might lamely attempt to make some resolutions, I’ve decided that I’ve got more than enough to handle with my 30-before-30 list. After talking with some friends, taking advice from you all (again—friends who read this), and reconsidering my original choices, the tentative list is now solid. And here it is:

The list is not radically different from the first draft, but I’m happy with it now. Notice that the highlighted one is the only one I’ve actually completed, so . . . yeah. I have a lot of work to do!

That’s not to say I’m not in the process of progress. I’ve completed 1/3 of the quilt. I’m editing a couple of articles that someone out there might be fool enough to publish. I sewed myself a very basic Halloween costume, which is giving me confidence that I can actually sew myself a dress before long. Though there’s a lot left to do here, I’m not discouraged.

I do have to give a shout-out to several of my amazing friends who have made conscious efforts to help me reach these goals:

  • Chloe, who gave me not one but TWO shades of red lipstick for Christmas
  • Benji, who loaned me Reservoir Dogs to watch (and who also gave me some really interesting written commentary!)
  • Laura, who gave me a book of sewing patterns
  • Betsy, photographer extraordinaire who took (and is now editing) what will hopefully be my professional “glamour photo”
  • Sebastian, who offered to read Infinite Jest with me
  • Chris, who offered to help with my bike
  • Blake, who said I could stay at his apartment in Austin
  • and many others who have offered encouragement, advice, and support (ya’ll are rad people!)

I feel pretty strongly that 2012 is going to be a good year, and that turning thirty will be downright okay. I also feel pretty grateful to have so many fantastic people in my life, so who can go wrong with that, eh?



PS—What are your goals for the year? How did you spend your NYE?


4 responses to “Happy New Year, Friends!

  1. …I think it’s ok for me to leave a comment, seeing as you didn’t identify anyone overtly in your PS. I’m happy to find your blog, this morning, which reminded me that I probably haven’t updated you on the fact that I have gotten into an MA program at UT Knoxville. I appreciated so much your willingness to help me as I was thinking about coming to AR. But here I am, working on an MA in English w/ a Creative Writing emphasis, and working as a TA. It’s pretty alright, so far!

    The positive-thinking of NY’s suckered me into writing lists of goals, long- and short-term. The long-term was much more fun, because I got to say things like “Keep poultry” and “Keep bees” and “Publish a book of poems,” but the short-term was a good thing to write. Really have to do those soonish. A few are very similar to yours: Make a quilt, Travel this summer, publish (a poem), Read (Midnight’s Children). Go us.

    • Anna Laura, that’s wonderful! I’ve heard great things about UT’s program. Grad school is quite a particular lifestyle, right? I’m sure you’re doing great, especially as a TA. Also, I hope you get to keep those bees and chickens (both things I’ve always wanted to do, by the way). So nice to hear from you! Didn’t you get married?

      Another also: Midnight’s Children is a delight.

  2. Maybe we should meet up next December in New Orleans for our 30th…have a girlzzz weekend!

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