Farewell, Friends (plus new beginnings!)


The time has come for us to bury the dead. After about a year of slow decline, we—the gals of 2137—have decided that this blog has served its purpose. So, without further ado, this is our last post!

Part of this is because we don’t have time to contribute equally anymore. Another part is that 2137 will soon be vacant (thanks to Catherine’s recent home purchase!), leaving us with a lot of happy memories but no physical place to tie us together. We’re keeping up with each other across the country, thanks to G-chat; so we’re not worried about staying connected on the blog.

Another part is that Jocelyn wants to keep writing, but on a more regular basis. She’s acquired the provocative (and of course, ironic!) new URL, thebookhooker.wordpress.com, where she will carry on with her nonsense. If you want to keep reading her gibberish, update your bookmarks.

We love you all and hope you’ve laughed a little. And don’t worry; the site will stay up in case you misplace Jennifer’s pavlova recipe.


Catherine, Joce, & Jen


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